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When Celebrity Style Strikes the Met Gala!

In the world of fashion sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday style of our favorite celebrities that a little piece of us dies right on the runway when they wear something that doesn't exactly meet our specific style qualifications, and that's exactly what happened at this years 2014 Met Gala! I swear I lost a bit of my Fashion Soul when 3 of my favorite and most fashionable celebrities showed up looking like this! 

Celebrity Style Strikes

Now Don't get me wrong, I know the Met Gala , which is the most important fashion event of the year is all about the Arts and Fun and Style but Ladies, You Look Horrible! I mean I thought they said Artsy not UGLY!  Solange's frock reminds me of my horrible 8th grade prom dress my neighbor made for me after her first month taking sewing classes and do we even need to get into the hair. Solange girl we family right, So how the hell did this happen and more importantly WHY?  Nicole I have grown to luv your Boho Chic style and in the past I can always count on you for being a little different in a fabulous way but tonight honey you are giving me WALKING DEAD from the dress to the hair to the shoes, What were you thinking my little Bohemian Luv Child? Lupita Lupita Lupita, You are and will always be Fashions It Girl in my book But by the Looks of this outfit someone is moving full speed ahead with trying to get you booted  Up and Out of that position! I know it was your first time attending the MET Gala but Honey, Did you not do your research to find out what this event was all about? Were you not feeling well, Did someone do this to you and have they been fired? Clearly I have questions! The chances of this being the last Met Gala where I feel utterly disgusted by the style choices of my favorite celebrities are zero to none but I just hate that this year it had to be you......Your biggest Fashion Fan!

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