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5 Most Memorable On the Run Tour Moments!

I know this post is a little late but even after dealing with a sick baby for the past couple days I couldn't get the On the Run Tour Concert off my mind. I mean I'm a true music lover but this right here exceeded all my expectations in more ways than one. Without further Adieu, I give my 5 most memorable moments of the Beyonce and Jay Z Carter On the Run Tour!
Beyonce-JayZ-On the Run Tour-Concert

  1.  I live at most 15 minutes from Sun Life Stadium where the biggest concert of the year was being held yet it took me over two and a half hours before I made it inside the arena. Traffic was backed up for miles and that included all the major road ways. I can honestly say I hadn't experienced traffic like that since our President gave a free speech at the local high school and even then that traffic is half of what I experienced with the On the Run Tour traffic! At one point people began running out of gas and others decided to park their vehicles and take their chances on walking to the stadium! Sounds extra but there was just something Crazy yet Cool about the traffic experience!
  2. Trust me I'm a South Florida Girl born and raised but the HEAT I experienced inside that arena was beyond anything I'd experienced before. I honestly felt like I'd gotten a little taste of what Lebron and the Miami HEAT experienced when they played the game in the arena with the non working AC. The concert was held in an open arena so I knew  there'd be no air but no one warned me about the HEAT putting together 80,000 in a closed in Arena could bring. True story, By the time I reached my seat I was ready to buy 4 bottle of the $5 water and cover myself with it! Heat had me and tons of others losing our composure one sweat bead at a time! Trust I wasn't the only one but somehow as Mr. ans Mrs. Carter performed, The Heat was forgiven!
  3. Miami can be a little tricky when it comes to apparel. I mean we do have some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and on any given day clothing is optional. Knowing this still didn't prepare me for the amount of BODYSUITS worn all around me. I mean what conveniences you to throw on your best leopard onesis to the Queen of the Bodysuits concert? Can someone say Bold as All Out Hell!!! Even more shocking than the bodysuits in itself was the sheer amount of women and oh yeah men too who tried to pull this look off! I mean I was in utter shock seeing this! If ever there was a need for the fashion police! Beyonce fans, Sometimes you just gotta sit back and allow Beyonce to Do Beyonce!
  4.  While I've seen Beyonce in concert a couple times there was something about this concert that made her more effortlessly beautiful than ever. Ladies, we dress and look one way when we're going out with our Girls but when we're with our man we know we have to bring it. This girl danced for hours without a near wiggle or jiggle, gave us fashion for days in the form of couture bodysuits, hooker heels, and dazzling white on white ensembles, plus maintained the Last Hair and makeup with every performance! I mean I really didn't think it was possible for Bey to be more Flawless but song after song she showed me and tons of others! Can somebody say Step ya Game up!
  5.  Probably one of the most memorable parts of the show is how Jay N Bey opened up to us and allowed us a look inside there world even if it was only for 3-4 hours. We were treated to intimate wedding photos, cherished photos of Blue Ivy, and even a look at the courtship of this power couple, There was lots of kissing, romantic stares, and you could just feel how proud these 2 are of each other. For one night it was Ok from the Guy from Marci Project to plant a big fat wet one on his wife! It was what we needed to see and for a mere $200 per ticket, they showed it to us!
Anyways those are my most memorable moments of the On the Run Tour. I hope you enjoyed it and that you keep this in mind when Jay n Bey bring their tour to an Arena near you! What were your most memorable On the Run Tour Moments?

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