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Rihanna-Let's Talk About It!

Happy Hump Day Fabulites! I hope everyone is off to a wonderful start to this Wednesday. If you know anything about me you'd know that I luv Rihanna. I luv her music, her style, her attitude, and her outlook when it comes to most thing. I've noticed over the past couple days that Rihanna's been getting a lot of slack over her attire at the CDFA Fashion Award and couldn't think of a better time nor place for us to  talk about it! Look, many are complaining that Rihanna showed too much of herself and here's the way I look at it. Rihanna has been showing herself for years so why is everyone acting brand new cause she showed up at the Fashion Awards dressed scantily clad. Does it make a difference if you see her areola in a Fashion Magazine  or on the  Red Carpet, the fact is it's not your first time seeing Rihanna's T&A and if you've seen them once you've seen them twice! Don't get me wrong There's no way in hell I'd be able to show up anywhere wearing a sheer  embellished Adam Selman gown with more than 216,000 Swarovski Crystals but then again I'm Not Rihanna and neither are you! Fashion is supposed to get you talking and I say Bravo Rihanna for doing just that! What are your thoughts on Rihanna's CFDA look? Let's talk about it!

Rihanna-Adam Selman- CFDA Awards

Sheer Fabness or Sheer Madness?

*Photo courtesy of Instyle Magazine

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