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Brights and Whites Fit of the Day

Happy Tuesday FABulites! I hope everyone is off to a great start to this beautiful Tuesday that's been placed before us. This morning I couldn't decide what I wanted to post about and  had no idea where today's inspiration could possibly come from. I took a quick look at my Facebook Fanpage and the answer suddenly came to me. The first post I read today from my Facebook Page was from my friend in my head who spoke on the importance of having a vision board and always manifesting your vision. This is an area I think we can all improve on.  That post immediately sent me into my closet in search of Brights and Whites,  because although we do not know exactly when it will happen, We all have a Bright future ahead of us!

Fabulites, Follow your dreams no matter where they might lead you and always envision a Bright Future! What inspired your Tuesday Fit of the Day?

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