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Summer of Fashion Fabness!

Happy Monday FABulites! I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend and that somehow, someway us HEAT fans find it within us to forget the entire final series happened! Enough of the sadness, Today the Frugal Flirty N Fab is all about the Top 3 Must Have Essentials for a  Summer of Fashion Fabness!  Lets just right in!

Shorts- Brights-Whites

I know without a doubt that White can be the scary monster in the room but somehow you have to search deep with yourself and find a way to take ownership of your Summer whites. It can be anything from a flowing shift dress to a crisp clean white button down worn with denim, no matter how you rock it White is a summer fashion must! Wear it with poise and confidence and you'll quickly see White is Right!

In my head wearing Brights is a no brainer but I realize many of you FAB fashionistas steer clear of the summer brights. Trust me when I tell you there is a perfect bright for everyone, you just have to find the bright that works for you. For some head to toe brightness may be just what the Dr, ordered while for others just a pop of brightness gets the job done. Doesn't matter if you add it with your accessories or go bold in that eye catching neon dress, Bright are definitely a must Rock Summer Essential

What would a summer be without hitting the town in a great pair of shorts.  The beauty of wearing shorts is that there's a pair for everyone. From the traditional jean short shorts to the more casual palazzo shorts, Shorts are a definite Summer essential. I know many of you ladies try to stay clear of the summer shorts because you failed to spend you winter months in the gym. I say no matter what Rock your shorts with confidence and deal with the what should haves at a later time!

There you have it Fabulites! Whites, Bright, and Shorts are my Top 3 Must Haves for s Summer of Fashion Fabness. What items are topping your Must Have Summer of Fabness Essential List?

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