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Just in the "Nic" of Time!

Why am I always late? I was invited to attend an exclusive fashion presentation of "Weekend in Havana", Swimwear brand created by Nicole Di Rocco Friday night at Versailles restaurant in Miami and for the life of me I couldn't do anything on time! After being given a 3 week notice about the event I still hadn't even found my outfit until just mere hours before the event was scheduled to begin. I was so excited about attending this event because Nicolita is one of my most favorite swimwear lines and represents a woman's natural beauty and real curves. Nicole was also the very first designer I ever had the chance to interview and she was super nice and her story is inspiring.

I got off work at 5:30 which meant I had an hour and a half to head out the door to the event. Of course when I got home my mommy status took over and I was late before I even started getting dressed! I managed to feed BabyFab while getting my makeup done which saved a little time. I knew I wanted to wear my hair up in a big puff so that was fairly simple and took very little time as well, take a look!

I absolutely fell in luv with this skirt when I saw it at Burlington. I was previously searching around for a skirt like this so I knew It would be perfect for the Nicolita event!

 I decided to let the skirt have the show and paired it with a simple spaghetti strap tank, my cutest black wedges, and my black n gold triangle wedge earrings. of course no look is perfect with a pink pout!

I managed to get in my car at 7:50 which was pretty terrible for a show that started at 7 and was ending at 9, and on top of everything else I got lost heading to the restaurant. To make a long drawn out story short by the time I reached the event it was over and everyone was packing up! I am so ashamed of myself! I'm not sure what it is that makes me think its OK to be late to everything when clearly its not! The really sad thing is it's not just events I'm late for, I'm late for work, meetings, and everything else lately but trust me when I tell you the Buck Stops here! From this day forward I promise to make a conscious effort to be on time for work, events, and everything else. What are some things I can do to improve my time management skills?

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