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Throwback Thursday-Fitting Room Confessions!

Yesterday while trying on a pair of houndstooth pants in the Express fitting room I heard a pretty loud shout of "SHIT" come from the fitting room next to me. The lady shouting the obscenities later revealed she'd recently quit smoking and as a result was up 3 sizes from her normal size and was having a horrible time finding something to wear to a friends wedding. No she didn't tell me all of that but I overheard her telling it to the salesperson who tried to come to her rescue. Hearing this lady's suffering Immediately made me think of some of my High and Lows I've had in the beloved fitting rooms. One of the worst that I can recall is when I Got stuck in a bustier, ended up having a meltdown and on top of that had to get help from one of the Sales associates taking it off! Needless to say it was months before I went back into that store again! Its crazy what one can experience in a dressing room right......Have a Fitting Room Confession you'd like to get off your chest? Share it with the Frugal Flirty N Fab, you won't be sorry!

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