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I've Been Thinking-A Bloggers Responsibility!


Happy Monday FABulites! Hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend!  Saturday I went with the FABFam to see Get On Up, The story of the Legendary Godfather of Soul James Brown rise from extreme poverty to music superstar. The movie was excellent, the actors outstanding, and I love a movie that makes you think or teaches you something you never knew. Not to give the movie away but there's was a scene in the movie where James Brown was ask to help calm and guide the community  after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.and it made me think, Are entertainers responsible for doing more than just entertaining? Are we as Bloggers responsible for educating, guiiding and calming  our reader communities by taclkling controversial topics and issues affecting our communities? I got mad at Oprah, Yes I said it, I Got Mad at Mother O!  Yall think she care? When Michael Jackson died I looked to my Community for peace 
and guidance. Michael was everything to me and I wanted Oprah to come out and speak to a nation in mourning and say Trouble Don't Last Always or something Fab as only she could. Well it never happened. She never said a word and immediately I felt as though Oprah had turned her back on not only me but on everyone who loved MJ. I mean the president spoke on it,  Beyonce spoke on it, and my Dear friend Usher nearly fainted from the pain so where the Hell was Mother O? Oprah was not a musician, wasn't a close friend of Michael's that I knew of and I couldn't even remember a time when Oprah had ever spoke on Michael so I'm really not sure what made me appoint her to lead the Michael Farewell train but somehow she'd silently been appointed. Oprah later came out and said because of what happened to her as a child she stayed quiet about the Michael incident but after seeing James Brown responsibly  handle the situation the way he did I immediately begin to think if I or we as Bloggers have a responsibility to our readers to address social and controversial issues. I mean I blog about fashion, family, fitness, food, movies, music, and more but if an injustice of any sort happens in my community or yours for that matter is it my responsibility to address it ?. On one hand I think about how mad I got  when Oprah failed to address the Michael issue and how impressed I was when James Brown address the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and I think we do have a responsibility? Some of us have large followings, our readers trust us and what we're saying, plus most of us have a way with words that so why not use our platforms to make a differnce. That's how I
feel about it but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Do Bloggers have an obligation to discuss social or controversial issue on their blogs, Why or why not?

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