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Life in Black n White!

Happy Tuesday FABulites! Although I Like to think I Live my Life in full color, Today is all about living Life in Black N White with my must have Kicks of the Week, Take a Look!

life in black n white

When I realized Kim hooked up with Kanye and basically started wearing only black and white I knew that was a kind of Luv I wanted no parts of. Why should you have to dim your light for companionship I thought to myself. But after seeing some of the Fabness that only exists as of lately in Black and White I think I have a better understanding. FABULITES, could you live your lives fashionably in only Black N White? Which of my Must Have Kicks of the Week are topping your wishlist? Till me meet again my friends make sure to have a Frugal Flirty N Fab Day!


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