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Making Lasting Connections Start with Lindt Hello!

To think It Started With Hello and has now turned into a Fabtabulous 5 years in the blogging industry is absolutely amazing! I mean it seems like just yesterday I was sitting in my office trying to come up with a name for my blog. I had little to no expectations but what would happen next has shaped my life in ways I never could have imagined. Who would have thought  I would be able to spark such an amazing connection with such a great group of people with a Simple Hello!

One of my most memorable nights and what signified to me a changing point in the history of my blogging was the very first time I had the opportunity to attend Mercedes Benz Miami Beach Fashion Week Swim. It was the final day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim and we were just minutes away from the event I'd been looking most forward to attending. It was the Vanessa Rose Event by Vanessa Simmons and to say I wanted in was an understatement! The only problem was although I'd sent countless emails to Vanessa's PR team I had not received any type of  confirmation that I'd be allowed into the event. There was a group of people waiting downstairs for the event to begin. Everyone was talking and I was pretty much in awe of those whose presence I had the honor of being in. As the anticipation built a part of me told myself leave now before you embarrass yourself and get turned around for not being on the list, and another part of me said you are this close to attending your dream fashion show so don't  you dare think of backing out now. I had no plan but just hoped it would be discreet if I didn't make it in. It was finally the moment I'd been waiting for and the doors opened for those of us waiting outside to enter the venue and have our names checked off the list. I stoodbye as countless media mavens and radio heads were checked off the list. When it was my turn I could barely say my own name. When I saw my name appear on the list and the girl check my name off it was a real Mama I made it Moment. Not only did I have a FAB story to tell, I learned a valuable lesson about preservering and making valuable connections. The fact that I got a great picture with one of my favorite Fashionistas, Angela Simmons didn't hurt either. I held my head up high, picked up a glass of wine, and made my way into the show and again, It Started With Hello

Lindt Hello Chocolate, The hip trendy brand in premium chocolate is partnering with Ashley Tisdale to co-produce and bring you "It started with Hello", a collection of  Web Series,  viewed on You Tube, capturing couples as they make their first connection. The web series is inspired by the cheeky personalities of the new Lindt Hello Products.  Now thru October 9th, you can visit the Hello Video Landing Page and share your opinion on who'd you like to see paired up next. The first teaser video will introduce the cast and preview the series and each week a new episode will premiere. You can actually even choose the ending of each of the episodes.

The Lindt Hello Collection consists of the enticing flavors of  Caramel Brownie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Crunchy Nougat, and Cookies and Cream and can be enjoyed in the form of sticks, bars, or my personal favorites the mini sticks bags.

The Lindt Hello Sweet Connections Sweepstakes give you the chance to win sweet experiences from Lindt Chocolate! To enter the sweepstakes visit the Lindt Hello Sweet Connections Landing Page and enter your email address .Entries can be made daily  to win some awesome prizes such as a shopping spree with the girls, a pampered night in staycation, a spa date, and best of all providing the opportunity to connect with someone you love or even someone new!

Thanks for allowing me as well as Lindt Hello Chocolates to make a Sweet Connection with each one of you and promise me from this day forward you won't be afraid to make a Lindt Sweet Connection of your own!

*Thank you to Lindt for sponsoring today's post and inspiring me to try the tasty Lindt Hello*

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