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Shift for Fall!

FABulites, Can I just be real with yall?  I actually have Zero Damns to give about this thing called Fall! Born and raised in South Florida I barely even know who the hell she is. All I know is that this time of year I start seeing more sweaters (which make me feel closed in and claustrophobic), closed in boots (which make my feet sweat), and tons of plaids and oxblood which I'm not very fond of.  What I do enjoy about Fall is the migration to the Must Have almighty Shift Dress!

Shift dresses are absolutely perfect for Fall. They give you a little freedom just in case you picked up a couple pounds too many over the Summer, Can easily be layered if  you are one who normally experiences a cooler Fall, are stylish as hell, can be worn with everything from Strappy Sandals to Military Boots, and are perfect finds for my Budgeting Betties! Above are my top 6 Must Have Fall Shift looks but today I just wanna know, Are you ready to Shift for Fall?

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