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Tis the Season for Giving with Giving Assistant!

Is it just me or are you all totally obsessed with the Holiday Season? I mean who wouldn't be obsessed with a season that rewards you for giving back to others? This year my holiday spending is completely geared toward GivingAssistant.Org Giving assistant is a coupon and cash back marketplace that gives donations to charity. They donate a meal to for every coupon clicked on and also allow each cash back member the ability to easily give a percentage of their cash back to their favorite charity. And as if that wan't mind blowing enough, For every coupon you use a meal will aslo be donated! Yep you heard right! The giving assistant promo code can be used for guilt free shopping at some of your favorite stores such as, ,,and just to name a few. 

The signup process is free of charge and super simple only requiring an email address.
What separates the Giving Assistant from other cashback sites is that they send your cash back via debit card deposit in days, not 3 months via check like other cash back sites,  They give you double cash back for all of their cashback stores, in hopes you pass on some of that savings to your favorite charity, They show you in real time your transactions and cash back processing, so their is no guessing on your end, and most of all they care and embrace transparency by making the act of saving and giving fun, so that you keep coming back! 

Shop Responsibly.
Save cash when you shop, 
give a little back to charity. 

Are you ready to start Giving Back today? For additional information or to signup today please visit

*Sponsored Post but the ideas are all my own*

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