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Fab's Thanksgiving Recap!

Happy Monday FABulites! Hope everyone enjoyed a FABtabulous weekend, I most certainly did! Don't you just love how things turn out when you don't stress yourself about everything having to be on schedule and perfect. Last year I had such a dismal Thanksgiving that I decided not to plan anything too stressful and to just play it by ear.... This year I did just that and this is how things played out.............

For some  reason for a majority of the week I was unable to come up with my Thanksgiving Day menu. Thursday morning it finally came to me and I headed to my nearest Winn Dixie to put my plan into action. To make a really long story short I made Sweet Potato pies for the first time and they were delicious and also baked my very first honey ham which even thinking about it right now has my mouth watering! I felt so Thankful and Accomplished. It was also BabyFab's very first Thanksgiving and that made it that much more special. Friday night we recuperated from the joys of Thanksgiving by watching A Madea Christmas and stuffing ourselves with Thanksgiving leftovers.
Saturday morning Mama Fab finally got to do her thang and hit up Sawgrass Mills Mall for the Black Friday leftover sales. Picked up a couple cute items so stay tuned because of course i'll be showcasing them all on the blog shortly! Topped off my shopping with a fresh pedicure and prepared myself for the evening ahead. 
Saturday night in Honor of FabJr's 12th birthday the following day we hit up Santa's Enchanted Forrest and had a blast! Not sure about you but I love the idea of organized fun, Great right? My one regret of the evening was not getting my traditional Turkey Wing Drumstick I normally get but at that time I was in the process of hating any and all foods related to Thanksgiving due to my extreme over eating habits. I mean how many days can you really eat leftovers without them making you sick on site? Anyways with all the walking I did at Santa s Enchanted Forest I very well believe I might have walked off some of those Thanksgiving lbs!
Sunday, FabJr's BDay, we decided we wanted to start something new and go on our very own individual quest to find South Florida's best burger. Our quest led us to the Burger & Beer Joint in Pembroke Pines and the burgers were beyond delicious! Both myself and the Fab Family cant wait to taste what else this burger quest has in store. 
Thanks for taking the time out to read all about my Thanksgiving weekend and I'm looking forward to reading in the comments how you spent your Thanksgiving break as well! Thanks and as always make it a Frugal Flirty N Fab day!

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