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Fab's Must Have Kicks of the Week-Collection Worthy!

Happy Thursday Luvs! How's your week going so far? I've experienced a couple set backs in mine but the again, Who hasn't. This week when I thought about shoes to add for the Must Wanted Kicks of the Week I not only wanted to provide you with what's Hot, but I also wanted to think  about the longevity of the right shoe and providing my readers with shoes worthy of adding to your personal collection or that are Collection Worthy, Take a look!

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For me the cost of a shoe is irrelevant. Show me a shoe that I like and within mere seconds I'll show you how to work it! You already know how I feel about flats but the more and more walks I take during my lunch break at work and the fact that I now choose to take the stairs from the Penthouse suite on the 11th floor and I'd say they're kinda growing on me! Don't get it twisted, I will always be about my heels but I do enjoy seeing the fashionable direction flats are headed in. Enough about me, Which of  these Hotties made your Must Have List? Do you own shoes that are Collection Worthy?Remember sharing is caring and I thank you for sharing with the Frugal Flirty N Fab!

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