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Monday's Vacation Over Rant and Fit of the Day!

Hey there FABulites! Can you believe it's my very first day back at work from my week long vacation and already I Was 20 minutes late, Forgot my oatmeal at home, and had to take the stairs up 11 flights to the Penthouse Suite because the elevator was broken, I know right, The Horror! And while I appreciate the fact that BabyFab loves his daycare I was a little hurt seeing him so happy to be returning this morning after such an enjoyable Spring Break week. I mean not only didn't he shed a tear when it was time for me to leave but he hugged all the staff and told me bye twice! But I guess this is that thing we call life! Anyways although things aren't necessarly working in my favor this morning I still want to share with you this really cute little dress I picked up at Marshall's last week. Check it out!

What do you think FABulites? Is this dress a little too young looking for me? I had to tear myself away from Forever 21 on more than one occasion last week but just know I am a Work in Progress! What are your goals and plans for the week ahead? One of mine is to make sure I connect with more of my readers and provide you with nothing less than what you've come to expect from the Frugal Flirty N Fab! As always Thanks for stopping bye and enjoy your day to the fullest cause you only get one shot at it!
Dress Marshalls
Shoes 6PM
Necklace  and Earrings Burlington

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