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Hellooooo April!

FABulites I lovethe month of April! The weather is Great, It's my Anniversary month, my Birthday Month, My daughters Birthday Month, and a super great month for finding Fab Fashion Deals like the Fab Spring Maxi I'm rockin below! Take a look!

Dresses-Style-Spring-Maxi Dresses

You already know I'm that person who can look thru rack after rack happy as ever in search of that dress that makes me smile and catches my attention and that's exactly what happened when I ran across this beauty! It pays to be persistent!

Maxi Dresses-Style-Trends

It was the beautiful color combination that first caught my attention and without a doubt I'm completely obsessed with all things Flowers right now so this was a Win Win in my book

Style-Trends-Fashion-Must Haves

Is it just me or does it look like I might have some guns in this shot? If so looks really can be deceiving! Ha! Please don't judge me cause clearly I'm a work in Progress!

Spring Colors-Fashion- Trends

Another thing I really liked about this dress was the little silver jeweled piece that draws your attention to the neckline. Cute Right?

Brights-Spring Textures-Colors-Maxi Dresses

Fashion, Blogger Style-Spring Colors

April is also the perfect time of year to reassess your goals for the second quarter and focus on the things that went real in the first quarter of the year as Well as the items you might need to improve on or change. What's one April goal that you'd like to accomplish by the end of the month? One thing I'd like to do is find a way to become more involved in my local community. Home is where the heart is and that makes it a great place to begin!

Dress Burlington
Earrings Burlington
Sandals Madrag
Pout Maybelline Power Peony/Orchid Ecstasy

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