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Wednesday Wantings, Kicks of the Week and Why I Blog!

Happy Wednesday Luvs! Recently someone asked me why I Blog and I thought long and hard about the  question and promised I'd share the answer with all of you. The answer is probably not what you'd expect me to say but its an honest answer.  I don't get tons of questions to my email or inbox asking me where I purchased my latest outfit, How I manage to be so productive with my kids, or how I've managed to stay with my high school sweetheart for what seems like eternity but in my head I feel like its my responsibility to share those little tidbits of my life with others. I want to tell the Moms who have no time for themselves how to perfect the 5 minute hairdo. I want to show the women who are living paycheck to paycheck how they can put together the most perfect look for less than the cost of a Whopper with cheese meal and I want to show others how to put their best foot forward and take things one day at a time even when things all around them might be falling apart. I want to share my Luv of shoes with the world!

So what do you say Fabulites! When you read my blog post am I achieving what I want by providing you with the things I think you want and need? Are my post encouraging, inspiring, informative and push you to want to do and achieve more? Have I ever motivated you to be more,  to want to help others, or at the least sent you in the direction of  some bad ass, must have Kicks of the Week?

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