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How my 12 Year Old Rocks H&M

Happy Tuesday FABulites, Hope each and every one of you enjoyed a FABtabulous Memorial Day Weekend. Mine was beyond  FAB but of course I'm already ready to get this week over with so the weekend can begin again! I know I'm not the only one who feels this  way now am I? I didn't think so but just to put a little fashion step in your prep I thought it was a good time to share with you how the one and only FabJr.  Rocks H&M, Let's Go!
 If you follow me on Instagram then you already know FabJr. was fortunate enough to spend Memorial Day Weekend in New Orleans playing basketball with his Below the Rim Teammates. What you might not know is that before he left I of course wanted to make sure he was fly,(do people still say that), so we headed to Pembroke Lakes Mall to see what we could find.
 When we reached the H&M FabJr told me he would wait outside while I looked around then we could go to the store he wanted because he was sure they didn't have what he liked or needed. I convinced him to come inside and take a look around and the rest was history! He had a  pretty good idea of what it was he wanted and within 2 seconds of entering the store he'd already found 4 looks he wanted to try on. He was pleased with the variety of options and I was pleased the cost wouldn't do too much damage to my pockets, Can somebody say Win, Win!

 It doesn't  surprise me that my son has great style like his Mom of course, I love how he decided to work with the contrast of the black n white prints with this look. The top portion focused on a white silhouette with black prints for a fresh, clean look that requires little to no fuss.
The joggers or bottoms focused more on a black silhouette with bold white prints, Gotta Love it! He has a couple more looks that he plans on sharing with you all but instead of all in one day we're planning on maybe having one post a week. If you like the way FabJr, Rocked H&M then don't be afraid to let him know. If you know like I know then  you already know he'll be watching so let's show this PreTeen  Fashion Mr. in the making some luv! Thanks everyone for stopping by and please, Have a Fab Day!

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