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*Throwback Thursday* Should a Married Woman Walk in a Single Lady's Shoes?

Hello FABulites! Hope everyone enjoyed a Fabtabulous weekend! I Spent my Sunday Afternoon catching up on old episodes of Sex in the City. Is it just me or do you feel like you're watching every episode for the very first time no matter how many times you've seen it? In one particular episode Carrie was invited to a dinner party at her friends apartment and was asked to remove and leave her shoes at the door. To make a long story short once the dinner party was completed and Carrie got ready to leave she noticed her brand new $485 Manolo Blahniks were missing. After a couple phone calls and visits to speak with her married mother of 2 friend an important question was asked, Should a Married Mother of 2 walk in a Single Ladies Shoes?......While you ponder the answer to this question check out this Mom's Top Kicks of the week! Single or not I think you're going to enjoy these!


I never really thought about not wearing certain shoes because you're married or have kids but i'm realizing there are lots of people who feel this way. I have always wondered why we put so much of a emphasis on what you can and can't do, wear or shouldn't wear once you get married or become a Mom. I mean to me those same shoes you were wearing when you met him will most likely be the ones to help him stay if you know what I mean. Being a busy Mom you might not want to hit the streets in your 6 inch pumps on the daily but to those who do, More power to you, you're an inspiration to some. Personally, Single or Not I buy shoes based off my preferences and what I like but  I'm very interested to know where you stand on this modern day issue. Is it OK for a Married Mother to walk in a Single Ladies shoes? Which of my Kicks of the week are topping your June Must Have list?


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