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BabyFab and the Boom Boom-When Toddlers Strike!

After having a 12year hiatus between having kids this Toddler thing is still kinda new to me. Although I find everyday to be a joyous day today I ask my fellow parents, Why are Toddlers so damn cute yet embarrassing? Below is a cute picture of BabyFab enjoying a doughnut just mere hours before the Boom Boom Massacre began! Hear me out FABulites!

Here we were out and about on Sunday grabbing a bite to eat at one of my favorite places, Chipotle when the Toddler Tantrum or Boom Boomwent down. After being appointed the Chipotle Queen I was given the task of ordering everyone's food. BabyFab, FabJr, and FatherFab were all sitting at the table waiting for me to bring the food when I glanced out and witnessed BabyFab repeatedly saying Boom Boom while punching his Dad in the head with closed fist. I laughed but I could see the little punches were affecting my 6 foot 3 200lb husband but yet it was very entertaining to watch. Little did I know very soon I'd be getting a taste of the Boom Boom myself! 
Minutes after I thought Boom Boom Gate was a thing of the past my sweet little18 month old begin to call out for Mama. I told FabJr to bring him to me and I would hold him with me in the line as I wait to order the food. WHY DID I DO THIS?  Just moments after I picked him up I heard those dreaded words Boom Boom Again and knew I might be in a bit of trouble. As suspected BabyFab then begin to use his little not so precious fist and hit me maybe 3 to four times in my head. I then held his hands and firmly told him that was a NoNo and it was not  nice to hit Mommy like that! Well those words didn't sit well with him so he managed to get his hands free and Give Mommy the Boom Boom again! Wait was I a grown ass Lady wrestling and being beat up by her Toddler in Chipotle while restaurant attendees watched most likely in disbelief, Yes I was! Not only was I completely embarrassed by BabyFab's behavior but the right side of my jaw was actually beginning to hurt from the baby blows that had been thrown. The young and obviously in love couple who stood in line behind me watched in utter disbelief and most likely vowed to never have kids after what they witnessed. At this point I was tired, hungry, embarrassed, and could not take the Boom Boom again so I did what any Mom would do and called out for Hubby to come get BabyFab while I try to get myself together!!

Parent's what do you do when Toddlers Strike?  Have you ever been left feeling used and abused by your Toddler and if so how did you deal with it? I promise if I ever hear those dreaded words Boom Boom again it would be too soon!

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