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OneUnited Mural Project Preview!

Teens get a bad rap these days. It seems impossible to hear of any good their doing for all the wrong that's being done. Today I wanted to take some time out to tell you about 21 Kids who are doing the right thing and how OneUnited Bank(nations largest Black-owned Bank)  is helping them do so!
The OneUnited Mural Project includes an internship program sponsored by the Miami Children's Initiative, The Liberty City Renaissance Project and OneUnited Bank. Miami artist Addonis Smith worked with 21 inner city youths from 9  local high schools including Miami Jackson Senior High, Miami Northwestern Senior High, Booker T Washington High and several others. This groupof talented and extraordinary individuals came together to demonstate unity in the community with a mural. Is that not fantastic?
During the Private  Media Invite Only Preview the 21 students showcased their work and received awards for the completion of the OneUnited Mural Project apprenticeship-based program.
The final mural, Thunder and Enlightening, will convey a controversial message of freedom and hope by expounding on social and economic unrest – using media icons like Trayvon Martin, Christine Taylor Green, Michael Brown, local and national law enforcement and the 343 firefighter heroes from the aftermath of 9/11. It will serve as a global bipartisan exchange to unite the world on a plateau of peace. Thunder and Enlightening willachieve the ambitious goal of being the artistic blueprint for the documentation of truth and a more sincere approach for equal justice. The mural will celebrate the passing journey of racism, bigotry, fear and historical falsehood; and embrace the birthing of a more unified nation in the spirit of love.

 For more information about the "The Unveilling" of the Final OneUnited Project Mural on July 11, 2015, please visit 

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