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Fab's Top 10 Must Have Flatforms Under $50!

Happy Monday FABulites!  Hope everyone  enjoyed a super fantastic weekend! My weekend was spent getting FabJr ready for the new school year and for his first day of 7th grade which I'm excited to say  begins today! FABulites I have no idea where the time went  considering it feels like just yesterday I was taking him to Pre K for the very first time! Is it too late for a rewind? Enough of my scroll down FabJr  memory lane, Let's get into today's topic at hand which is my Top 10 selection of  Must Have Flatform Kicks Under $50, Let's Proceed!
I have to be completely honest with you guys. For the first couple months of  Flatform's existence I thought they were some of the ugliest shoes to ever grace someone's feet. As a matter of fact it was just this past weekend that I began to see the Flatform shoe for what it really is and that's just amazing!  After walking up and down 3 different malls over the weekend the Flatform became my new best friend and I'm sure saved me from hours of pain and discomfort. Who knew there was such great use for all the rubber added to the bottom of most Flatform shoes! Comfortable, Stylish, Trendy and made for Walking, What's not to love?
Do you own any Flatform shoes? Which of my Top 10 Flatforms are topping your must have Flatform List?

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