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FabJr. and the Back to School Horror!

FABulites, Can we talk? No really we need to talk! FabJr. just returned from a 2 week vacation visiting his Grandmother in Washington D.C. which meant we missed out on the week long tax break and also that we'd get kind of a late start on our back to school shopping considering school starts on Monday! What I found out on our first day of shopping is what has me in a little uproar tonight, follow along!

I might have been a little na├»ve about the joyzapping of back to school shopping for a preteen boy because while I am the queen of finding that all so special deal, teen boy clothing is probably what I would call my kryptonite. For some reason I seem to be straight up clueless when it comes to this. Last year the Hubby and I had a ball reliving our childhood and picking out looks that FabJr basically refused to wear  and I was determined to not let that happen again.   Just like that the horror began.

We decided to hit up our neighborhood mall first. The very first thing I noticed was that the prices were straight up astronomical! It seemed like every pair of pants he liked were above $70 bucks each, OMG was I being punk'd? While I'd love for my kid to be able to express himself  there's no way I'm paying 70 bucks for one pair of basic looking jogger pants! No way I tell you! The second thing I noticed was that there was little to no variety. If it were the ladies or kids department  there would have been a million different options but because it was preteen boys it was more of a find one you like and take 10 of the same in different colors and call it a day! Shame I tell you! As a result of the foolishness that took place today we left the mall with one pair of shorts sending both FabJr and myself into a low key time is running out  Back to school panick! This can't possibly be all our shopping will consists of right? Days of nothing but high prices, stolen dreams and disappointments! Parents of teen boys who have come before me, Is this normal and has it always been this way? I told you I had questions! Where do you shop for your middle school age boys and are any other parents experiencing the madness? Share your back to school experience with the Frugal Flirty N Fab today and somehow someway it'll be a little therapy for us both!

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