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Budget Friendly Must Have Sweaters!

Happy Monday Luvs!! Hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend! I spent my weekend enjoying Family, Food and Fun at my last weekend  getaway of the year before we begin dealing with the hustle and bustle of the holidays in Orlando, FL. Fabness of course and stay tuned because I'll be sharing all the details of my Frugal  Flirty N Fab Getaway with you in the days to come.  Today I'd like to take the time to discuss with you this seasons Must Have Sweaters. Shall we begin!

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First off let me just start by saying I love a good sweater moment. The picture in my head of me sipping on a hot cup of coffee while wearing a chic sweater with a bad ass pair of boots make me way more excited than it should! Serious but not serious Sweaters are everything and I'm so not talking about the really ugly one's you pull out during the holidays either!
There was a time when we were made to believe that sweaters were just meant to be worn with your favorite pair of jeans but take it from me FABulites, Throw Caution to the Wind and rock your sweaters however you see fit. One of my favorite current fashion trends is a cute sweater with a matching midi skirt like in the  first photo above. The look is chic and trendy and could easily be worn from a day at the office to a night on the town with friends. Sweaters come in a variety of styles and patterns and best of all you can always find one within your budget.  That's simply the versatility of a great sweater, You can wear them with just about anything and look great and not have to break the bank when doing so! Don't be afraid to experiment with them and however you chose to wear them just own up to the look and you've won. Yep it's just that simple to Slay SweaterGate! Ummmm did I just make that up, Sure did!! Lol!
When you picture yourself rocking your favorite sweater in your head, How are you wearing it? Which of my favorite sweater looks above are topping your Must Have Sweater List? As always thanks for stopping by my friends and remember, Sharing is Caring!

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