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Power of Blogging and the Word No!

 FABulites, I've been blogging a little over 6 years and with that being said let me be the first to
tell you, There's Power in the Word NO!

When I first started blogging asking for something and receiving a no in return meant I erased you from my memory book never to call upon you again! Selfish right? It was just because I wasn't very familiar with the word. I was used to a place of Yes, and Yes was what I was most accustomed too.  My very first month of blogging I connected with a vintage brand that allowed me to wear 2 of their dresses to a local fashion show and now looking back at it that one yes made me feel like I was immune to the word no. Made the word No nonexistent, Made the word No something I would end up getting to know all too well!
By the time I reached my 3rd year of blogging I was so used to hearing the word no that I basically stopped asking, stoped pushing, stoped persuing things because of the damge done by the word. It was quite depressing if you ask me. I was even blogging from a place of no and you could easily see it in my writing.  One such event that I can recall was a local event for a major celebrity I was looking forward to attending. Two weeks before the event took place I received a press release from the PR company advising me of the event and wanting me to post the event details on my site. I responded back asking the pr company to make sure I was on  the guest list as media/press for the event. Routine exchange right, Wrong! The media company responded back saying they would not be able to invite me to the event because they had very little space and that I was not going to be added to the list! Let me get this straight, You want me to post about the event to my audience yet I'm not good enough to actually attend the event...No Bueno!!! This No Hurt Like Hell! With this No I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and I ended up sending the PR company a rant about them needing to diversify the bloggers they work  with. While my rant was warranted, I should have discussed the issue with the pr company in a more professional manner but sometines that No sends you right over the deep edge! With the word no come great responsibility.
At 6 years of blogging the word No means something completely different than what it meant years ago. Today when the word No rears it's ugly head it simply means, Work Harder, show them why the No is wrong, and best of all  it means push through until that no becomes a YES! Yep remember you heard it from me first, There's Power in the word No, you just have to figure out  how to use it to your advantage!

Have you ever had the chance to actually sit back and examine what the word NO meant to you? Is there Power in the Word No?

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