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Cleaning Made Easier with Clorox® ThickCling™!

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To say my life has changed since adding a Toddler to the FabFamily is a total understatement, but thanks to New Cleaning Inventions such as Clorox® ThickCling™,  The FabFamily gets to relax, celebrate, and enjoy another day! On the regular Im seeing messes I didn't even know could exist but cleaning those messes is definitely easier with Clorox® ThickCling™!
Just as I was in the middle of one of my midweek cleaning frenzy I heard mention of the
New Clorox® ThickCling™ and headed out to my nearest Walmart to pick some up and see what all the hype was about!
Before I could even get settle in nicely to my cleaning routine, BabyFab presented me with my first disaster of the day.  FabJr. Somehow managed to leave a packet of ketchup in the bathroom along with a pack of grits and I think you can probably guess who managed to get ahold of it even though he was supposedly napping in his room, Yep BabyFab that's who!
It was time for me to put Clorox® ThickCling™ to the ultimate test and see if the New Clorox® ThickCling® Cleaning Bleach was  specially formulated to tackle my big, tough cleaning jobs like it claimed to be!

After Just One Use I was Sold! Below are some of the main reasons why!
1. I was able to enjoy the ability to get a deeper clean by applying a thick gel, colored bleach that coats and sticks to the surface without running off

2.The thick, colored formula clings to surfaces for a deep clean - Clinging power that stays put upon application.

3.The specialized formula provided versatility, including surfactants for additional cleaning power.
4. A thick, clinging bleach is the ideal solve for big bathroom and kitchen cleaning jobs where high bleach incidence is common.
5. The combination of bleach and cleaners gives it extra cleaning power.
6. I was able to apply it directly to the mess — no diluting required!
7.After cleaning, just rinse and air dry.8. Same great Clorox Bleach® power that you trust!
 As always Thanks for allowing me to introduce to you the heavy duty cleaning power of the new Clorox® ThickCling™  Us Moms definitely have to stick together! I mean why not share how the trusted name Clorox is now making it easier to handle heavy duty cleaning messes one day at a time!
Have you tried the cleaning power of the new Clorox® ThickCling™ ? What are you waiting for, Get To It!


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