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Holiday Party Fashion Must Haves!

Unfortunately My job does not go all out for the big holiday party but not a year goes by that I don't wish they did! I can already picture myself probably having too much to drinks and then telling my Boss how I really feel about him! Maybe that's why we don't have one! Anyways when I'm picturing it all going down in my head, I'm always wearing a really wonderful Holiday dress and wanted to share with you 2015 Must Have Holiday Party Looks! Let's begin! 
*Click on the arrow to view all the looks in my Must Have Collection, Post Contains Affiliate links*
As you probably guessed Lace and all things that Glitter will no doubt be a big hit at the Holiday Office Party. Also this year  you can expect to see more people wearing Black ensembles and also lots of White which is something new. One trend that hopefully you won't see a lot of is the whole see through trend. Please do  not subject your coworkers to that no matter how much you dislike them or how pretty the dress is. Makes no sense to lose your job because you wore something baring your cheeks at the Holiday Party! Be Bold, Be Daring, and most importantly Be In the Moment and make sure you choose a look that compliments you and allows you to do that!

Are you attending your Holiday Office Party? If so what are you wearing and which of my top Holiday Looks are topping your Must Have List?

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