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Must Have Dusters!!

FABulites, You picked the perfect time to join me because Today on the Frugal Flirty N Fab is all about Dusters!  Dusters are a woman's loose, lightweight, full-length coat without buttons originally worn in the 1920s when traveling in an open car. Sexy Right! I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by the thought of it being a vintage style or the thought of it once being worn simply while in the car. Can't you just picture me rocking mine is my Versa, Lol! That's why today im going to share with you my Must Have Dusters of the Season. Let's get started!
*Please click on the arrow on the right side of the picture to view the entire collection*
Everything about this seasons Duster says classic style to me. Definitely separates the everyday Girls from the Women of Style! Once again the Duster can be worn with a multitude of different looks although lately I believe we've seen them most with booty shorts and crop top. That's all changing this Fall as the Duster is taking on a more elegant look being paired with everything from the classic pencil skirt to the tailored Midi dresses. Who can possibly be again a Duster, tee, boyfriend jean, and booties, No One! As always duster's come in a variety of styles and price point and are definitely one of this Seasons hottest Must Haves!

Are your feeling the Duster? Which of the above chic and stylish  Dusters  are topping your Must Have List?

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