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Thursday Throwback- Iyanla Fix My Shoe Lyfe!

I currently own anywhere from 130-150 of them. Most are colorful, conversational, courageous, and pack anywhere from a 4-7 inch heel. They are my babies, my friends, my shoes, and I luv them. I remember my very first pair like it was yesterday and to this very day I make each new addition know that they are welcomed and loved, Iyanla please Fix my Shoe Lyfe!
Today when getting ready for work I went to take out my favorite new Luichiny platform shoes and a Lizard jumped out from the box. This was the final straw with my daily shoe struggles. While I'm not sure if my hubby or 10 yr old son might have placed the Geico lizard in my shoe box as some sort of practical joke, It became very apparent that I needed to get my shoe lyfe in order. For the past 3 months I have been talking about doing something with my shoes but honestly I just don't have the time not to mention the fact that parting is such sweet sorrow. I thought about giving them away but not too many people I know wear a size 6.5. I thought about donating them to charity but lets face it, I cant really imagine those who don't have shoes due to poor living conditions wanting to roam around in my 6 inch pumps. The truth of the matter is that I luv my shoes. I just need to have a better way of keeping up with them.

If the average woman has anywhere from 40-60 pairs of shoes at one time, please explain why the number one selling shoe rack accommodates only 30 pairs...... Where does this leave someone in my situation, 5 shoe racks? ,5 shoe closets, or more?

Developers, Builders, Engineers, If you want to add value to your houses, condos, apartments, Give her a great shoe closet and she will come!

Readers of the Frugal Flirty N Fab, am I alone in my shoe Struggle? How do you go about maintaining order with a fairly large amount of shoes? Are you too in need of a Iyanla Shoe Fix?

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