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BabyFab Celebrates the Big 2 with 5 Fun Facts!

Happy Hump Day Luvs! It's BabyFab's 2nd Bday and while I feel as though it should be a National Holiday with parades and horns blowing, I have decided to keep it a little more simple and share with  you 5 Fascinating Facts you did not know about Mr. BabyFab! Shall we begin?
1. He's a huge animal lover- This is something I picked up on at a very early age for BabyFab! If there was an animal involved he would sit and watch it do whatever it does for hours on end. With that being said, Mama ain't raise no fool! I found out after out trip to Lion Country Safari that BabyFab like his mother and wise folks before them prefers his animals from a distance. All is well as long as they don't invade his personal space! Smart Kid!

2. BabyFab is quite the scholar in school and has pretty much mastered both his ABC's and counting to 10. However for the past 2 weeks or so he's been telling anyone who asks that his name is BroBro. This just so happens to be the name of endearment he affectionately calls his older brother as well. Im not exactly sure how his signals got crossed but as I Mom I just remind him that Bro Bro is not his name and pray that This Too Shall pass. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is when someone randomly asks him his name and He shouts BroBro and the person looks at you in utter disbelief? Cute but No Bueno!

3. He can spot a Auntie Annies Cinnamon Pretzel place from a mile away. As just a baby, whenever we would go to the mall I would always stop and get him a pretzel to enjoy as we strolled the mall. This week he made it perfectly clear that I will never again pass another Auntie Annies Pretzel place without stopping and buying him one! You guys have to see it! I tried to wheel past it without him noticing and it was like all hell broke loose! He simply wasn't having it!

4. His 2 favorite movies on heavy replay at the moment are Disney's The Lion Guard and Fat Albert. Both have been used to get him to do things he doesn't want to do which explains why we've watched them both 7,589 times just this week alone. If I never see either of them again it will be too soon. The fact that he now has the attention span to sit down and watch both movies while also singing the songs from the soundtrack reminds me to enjoy the moments we now have together because before I know  It he won't want to watch movies with me and I'm no where near ready to deal with that! So the Lion Guard and Fat Albert it will be! 

5. He's the best 2 year old a Mom could ask for and has managed to bring me more joy than I knew was humanly possible. He's kind, loves sharing with others and knows how to put a smile on your face when he thinks you need it.  He can dismantle a Christmas tree at lightening speed and is already quite the Ladies Man at Daycare. It's an honor to be able to call him my son and of course my baby!

Thanks so much for allowing me to share 5 Fun Facts about BabyFab in honor of his 2nd BDay. Don't forget to leave him a comment wishing him all that is FAB on his special day!
How do you celebrate your Little Ones Milestone Birthdays? Do you celebrate what makes them unique and special?Share your answers in the comments and I can't wait to hear fro you!

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