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How to Make Penne Pasta with Bertolli Riserva Sauce!

I enjoy getting dressed up and heading out to my favorite restaurants just as much as everyone else but part of living the Frugal Flirty N Fab Lifestyle means being able to dish up those same restaurant style favorites at home. That's exactly what i'm sharing with you today, how to make one of my favorite pasta dishes, Penne pasta using my new favorite Bertolli Riserva Pasta Sauce at home! Shall we begin?

I have been a huge fan of Bertolli Riserva Pasta Sauces since I started searching for ways to spice up the way I made my Penne Pasta at home for my family. I was pleased to discover that if you're searching for a way to bring out the authentic taste in your pasta Bertolli Riserva was definitely your go to sauce!
2 Jars of Bertolli Riserva Asiago Cheese & Artichokes PastaSauce
Ground Beef
Penne Pasta
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Black Pepper
All Purpose Seasoning
Garlic Powder
Mozarella Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Pinch of Sugar
Cook pasta according to package direction or to your satisfaction
In a large skillet heat olive oil and saute' onions.
Add in ground beef seasoning of your choice and cook until beef is evenly brown.
Remove ground beef from skillet and combine in pasta pot adding in 2 jars of Bertolli Riserva  Asiago Cheese & Artichokes Pasta Sauce, Graded Parmesan Cheese, Pinch of Sugar and allow everything to cook on low for 15-20 minutes. Remove from heat, add Mozarella Cheese and Serve!
To complete my meal I added a little Mozzarella cheese to the top and topped it all off with a couple garlic cheese sticks! Pure perfection via  Bertolli Riserva and best off all the complete meal took less than 30 minutes to prepare! 
Thank you  for allowing me to share my favorite Pasta Recipe featuring Bertolli Riserva  Asiago Cheese & Artichoke Pasta Sauce with you today. I hope you enjoy preparing this meal as much as I do!  Don't forget to visit the Bertolli Riserva site for your $1.50 coupon for Bertolli® pasta sauce and over 100 authentic Italian tips which are cornerstones of many Italian traditions that we enjoy today!
 Are you a fan of Bertolli Riserva Pasta Sauces? Whats your favorite dish to make using Bertolli Riserva?

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