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Seasons Favorite Must Have Lace Looks!

Happy Hump Day Fabulites! While were only 2 days in at this point December is already turning out to be a very busy and interesting one for me! For starters BabyFab hasn't been feeling so hot and has his second birthday quickly approaching, I haven't done any holiday or tree shopping, I'm preparing for Art Basel, Got retweeted last night by 1 of my favorite actresses Gabrielle Union , working ferociously on getting  my Email List  Poppin, and I'm searching high and low for a new hairstyle just to say the least! Crazy Right? The funny thing is none of that stopped me from putting together this awesome list of the seasons Must Have Lace looks, Take a Peek!
 *To view the entire collection please make sure to click on the arrows on either side*
 I can't really explain it but there's something so regal and romantic about a great lace look! On top of that it's also this seasons most perfect holiday look as well!  I mean I still catch myself blushing ever now and then at the thought of me in a great lace look! The great thing about Lace is the fact that no matter if it's a lace top, dress, jumper, skirt or pants, Lace has a way of turning up the elegance factor while dimming the light completely on the sleaze bucket factor! What fashionista in her right mind wouldn't want that?
In need of a Little Lace Love, As always the Frugal Flirty N Fab has gotcha covered! Take a real good look at my list of Must Have Lace Looks  and leave me some feedback on which pieces are topping your Must Have List!  I'd love to hear from you!
Got Love for Lace?
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