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Must Have Sequins and How to Wear Them!

FABulites, We are in the midst of the Holiday Season and no  matter if  you're meeting with the girls for drinks, getting ready for your holiday party or preparing for that all so special New Years Eve Event, what girl couldn't use a healthy dose of Sequins in her life? Because the Frugal Flirty N Fab has always gotcha  covered, Let's take a look at my  Holiday Sequin Must Haves!
One of my favorite things about sequins is the fact that when you're wearing them, less is more. Not less sequins but the less  you have to worry about what to pair them with. If you're wearing an all over sequined look make sure to keep the accessories to a minimum and let your look shine through.

If you're wearing a sequin top allow your top to be your focal point by maybe pairing your top with a dark bottom and minimal accessories. If your looking for a more spirited way of wearing your sequins try pairing sequin bottoms with a trendy top and watch the compliments start pouring in. No matter How you look at it or pair them, Gold Sequins to Black Sequins, Sequins are a Must Have for the Holidays!

Are you a fan of Sequins? Have your rocked a Sequin look before? What are your waiting for? Start today with one of my Must Have Sequin pieces and never look back! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me on all things Sequins and as always share with me which of the above Sizzling Sequin pieces are topping your Must Have List this Holiday Season.

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