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Weight Loss Done Right with Turbo 10 and Nutrisystem!

Fabulites, There's something I've been putting off since the New Year started but today's the day I've decided to just Face it! It's my weight loss plans for 2016 and I think I've come up with the perfect plan to make my goals a reality!

While I'm motivated by the idea of being able to have a good time with my kids and always wear a hot dress; I'm at a place I can admit I haven't really been before. I was always able to whip my body right back into shape no matter how much weight I gained or how long of a hiatus I took from working out but this time around things have changed. It's almost as if I don't have the will power to do it anymore and that's what's scaring me. That was until I found out about the all new Turbo10 from Nutrisystem.  Mama needs a little help and I'm pretty sure I've found it!
 Lose up to 10 pounds and 5 inches in your first month. Turbo10 is a four-week program that includes breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks delivered right to your door. Plus get all-new Turboshakes™ packed with protein plus probiotics to help support digestive health and bust belly bloat, and NutriCrush® shakes to help crush hunger. Sounds great right? Just what I need to get healthy and Fabulous for 2016 and beyond!
Besides incorporating the Turbo 10 Healthy eating plan I also plan on incorporating at least 4-5 days of workouts, drastically increasing my water intake plus making sure I get the appropriate amount of sleep or rest needed daily. I've also convinced myself to set weekly goals instead of  monthly goals just so I can get the motivation necessary to reach my goal once and for all. Sounds like I have it al figured out right? Only time will tell so make sure you check up on me to make sure I am gradually meeting my goals. For additional information on Turbo10 please visit Twitter: and Facebook:
What are your 2016 Weight Loss Goals?

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