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Poise and the Adventurous Spirit!

Alright we are 6 days into the New Year and I'm still trying to get all my goals for the year in place. I have already shared my blogging goals with you and now it's time to discuss some of my personal goals for 2016 and How Poise Pads and Liners will help me see them through.

I have always been the fun Mom at least in my head, and the Mom that's not afraid to try different things. Actually I have always been the Mom or person who said she wanted to try different thing but the actual opportunity just hasn't presented itself. Well the buck stops here. In 2016 I will no longer wait for the opportunity to present itself, I will go and create the opportunity! I mean now is as good as time as any right? Will I be scared at first, Yes, But with the help of Poise Panty Liners, not to be confused with regular size feminine care pads,  helping me with light bladder leakage I can handle anything!  Poise incontinence panty liners stay 3X drier than leading regular size feminine care liners and will keep me fresh and dry giving me the confidence and protection I need to be the adventurer I've always dreamed of being. I can either head to my nearest Sam's Club where Members save $4 at Sam’s Club! (Liners) and  $8 at Sam’s Club! (Pads)
or I can use my Sam’s Club Membership benefits with Subscription Service and order my Poise with discreet shipping and Club Pickup. Let the Adventure Begin!

One of the activities I'd like to complete before the end of 2016 is a weekend skiing trip with my family. We are South Florida born and raised and know very little about the cold and skiing. That's exactly why a weekend skiing trip would mean so much to us. It's always been a dream of mine to dress up really cute in a snow outfit and conquer my fear of hitting the slopes. The slight issue with this activity is that currently many of the ski resorts I've checked out don't have any snow but I find comfort in knowing both the snow is coming and Poise has me covered for whatever may come! I guarantee you this is one activity  my family and I will be crossing  off  our list. Wish us luck!

Another activity I'll be conquering in 2016 is spending a couple days in the deep blue seas of Key West, Florida tackling an entire weekend of water adventures. Don't get me wrong. I know all too well the power of a good beach weekend but what I'm hoping to experience is so much more!  I'm looking for a weekend of snorkeling, parasailing, zip lining and more! Something I can one day tell the Grandkids I did that before.

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Have you experienced light bladder leakage?  Best of luck on conquering your personal goals  and remember, you too can always Count on Poise and show the adventurer in you who's Boss!

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