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It takes a Village and Blue!

 Why is it so damn hard to get fit  and stay fit? Please someone answer that lifelong question for me. It seems like everytime I find myself right where I want to be as far as health and fitness are concerned something happens and takes me right back to square one!  Today out of nowhere I learned a valuable lesson and that lesson was that It Takes A Village to Get and Stay Fit!
How to stay Motivated when working out
 Monday Morning I woke up on my Beyonce, Motivation, Black Girl Magic, Formation inspiration running through my veins and i have so many reasons to get myself in the best possible shape I can. We are less than a week away from Valentines, I ordered this really cute little red dress to wear, and ain't nobody got time to feel fat and out of shape during Valentines Day Weekend! I told myself repeatedly while getting dressed that today Would be the day I changed my eating and fitness habits for the better, Boy was I wrong!

Staying Motivating during fitness goals

I'm not sure what came over me once I reached work. All of a sudden I was starving and wanted nothing more than to have 2 croquettes and 2 beef pastelitos. WTH is probably what you're saying but we have a little cafeteria downstairs in my office builing and on many of occasions that meal right there has made me smile like never before. I walked over to the front with a huge smile on my face only to her form the owner that they were out of both croquettes and pastelitos, The Horror! I then headed back to my office where I quietly enjoyed my cup of Jenny Craig Oatmeal and cup of coffee! My bad breakfast intentions turned out to be good instead and that wasn't all!

How to have fun when wearing a Sears Midi dress

By the time lunch rolled around I was feeling a little more positive about having a healthy lunch and getting back on track with my goals. This is where the village comes in. I decided to head over to Publix not sure what I was going to have but knew I was feeling super hungry. I decided to go with a nice chicken salad with baby Spinach and sliced chicken breast and dressing.  It's the dressing that determines if you are having a healthy lunch or a lunch that's unhealthy and full of fat and calories. I happens to be obsessed with Creamy Caesar dressing event though I am fully aware its' one of the worst ones I can choose. As I got ready to put the dressing in my basket a really nice and sweet older lady tapped me on my should and said, "Go with one of the oil and vinegar dressing, Lots healthier for you and at the end of the day you'll feel better about the decision you made"! I obliged and headed to the register with my Oil and Vinaigrette dressing in tow! Not once but twice in one day divine intervention and the Village manage to keep me on track with my much needed goals and fitness plans and I couldn't have been more pleased!

This dress has very little to do with being saved by the village but it too is one of the reasons I Want to keep my mind, body, and soul in the best of shape. I happen to love clothes, dresses, and all things pretty and want to feel a certain way when I'm wearing them. I think feeling great in a look is just as important as looking great in it and to all those around you it shows.

Have you ever had a time when the Village stepped in and kept you on track with your fitness and weight loss goals? I'd love to hear about it in the comments if you did. As always thanks for allowing me to share with you and make it a Frugal Flirty N Fab day!

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