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Jazz in the Gardens Day 1-The Recap!

Hey Fab's Hey! It came, it thrilled, it mesmerized, entertained, and wrapped, Day 1 of the 11th Annual Jazz in the Gardens Festival that is! You know how you count down for something you're really looking forward to and once it arrives it exceeds all your expectations, in a nutshell that describes my entire Jazz in the Gardens experience. Yearly thousand upon thousands surround Pro Player Stadium for one of the city's most anticipated Music Festivals of the year  and 2016, the 11th year was expected to be one of the biggest of all. Allow me to show you why each year it gets bigger and bigger and why music lovers from all over keep coming back! 
Music's finest Mr. Charlie Wilson was the headlining act of Day 1 at Jazz in the Gardens. If you have ever seen Charlie Wilson perform then you know exactly why that choice was made. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform once before on the Jazz in the Gardens stage but having a clue as to what I'd be seeing made me want to see him even more. Once in while will you ever see a performance like the one this man puts on. He makes sure to give you your money and then some and keeps you coming back for more.
One of my favorite moments of the night came when Charlie Wilson belted out his fan favorites "Charlie, Last Name Wilson" and "There Goes My Baby"! I swear I could hear all 70,000 plus attendees singing along with him.
At one point during Charlie Wilson's performance I decided to take a look into the crowd to see the looks on their faces as Charlie serenaded and this is what I captured. This picture sums up my total Charlie Wilson Jazz in the Gardens experience!
Kool and the Gang took us all on a musical journey performing classics such as "Ladies Night", "Jungle Boogie", and "Hollywood Swinging"! You haven't lived until you've been at the skating rink and a Kool and the Gang song is played!

Soul legend Michael McDonald worked his keyboard on the Jazz in the Gardens stage like it was nobody's business! Performed his smash hit, "I Keep Forgettin" and told the crowd that if he had not been invited to perform he would have bought a ticket and attended the festival himself. That's the sign of someone who loves his gift and loves hearing the gift of others! Unforgettable performance I tell ya!

 The Average White Band gave us a dose of Soul Funk performing their Smash hit, "Pick Up The Pieces" and "Cut the Cake, Soul Session Indeed!!

Najee, Regina Bell and Alex Bugnon  answered questions and took pictures in the media tent after their captivating performance! These 3 were just what the Jazz in the Gardens audience needed to let them know they were in store for a night of soul stirring performances.
 Last but not least we have my Jazz in the Gardens Day 1 Fit of the Day. It was the night of many stars but as a fashion blogger you already know it's always about the fashion for me. I changed maybe 3x's before I decided on this great little Embroidered Sheer Number. Felt like the Princess of the night and you won't believe the great price I got on it! Dress Shoptiques
Thanks for all the Instagram  and Facebook Love you guys showed me at the festival , it was greatly appreciated and trust me when I say you won't want to miss my Day 2 Recap coming up shortly!
What were your thoughts on Day 1 of Jazz in the Gardens 2016? How well did it compare to the previous years? Who would you like to see hit the stage in 2017?

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