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The Real on Jazz in the Gardens Day 2!

FABulites, To say its now 3 days after the 11th Annual Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival completed and I'm still sitting on a musical and spiritual high is an understatement! It was one of those days when everything just fell  into place and all was right with the world. It was Day 2 of Jazz in the Gardens and a day the Frugal Flirty N Fab won't soon forget!

The day started out pretty much like any other day for me except for the fact that from jumping out of my bed I was counting down the hours to get to day 2 of Jazz in the Gardens The only issue was that I had absolutely nothing to wear for day 2. I quickly headed to the mall and started putting in my head what I wanted to look like for day 2. I wanted a look that was free, flowing, and fab and I think it's safe to say that's exactly what I got! When all was said and done my look for the night far exceeded my expectations and I just knew I was in store for something wonderful!

I arrived at the park just in time to catch the performances of both Jazz Great Brian Culbertson and Gospel Great Fred Hammond. Both also hit up the media tent at the conclusion of their performances  to chat and answer a couple questions from the press. The energy in the room was amazing and once again the signs were everywhere that it was going to be a wonderful experience at Day 2 of Jazz in the Gardens.

Janelle Monae Hit the stage at about 8pm and took them to a place few had been before with her hits, "Primetime" and "Yoga". There was such a positive energy that surrounded her and if you thought she was beautiful on TV she was even more gorgeous live! To say I was hyped after Janelle's performance is an understatement and for some reason I was in a total state of GIRLPOWER!

Janelle Monae's sultry sounds and vibrant dance moves showed the Jazz in the Gardens crowd what being a Woman on a Mission was all about and we laughed, sung along, and danced to every minute of it! For that I say Thank You Janelle Monae for holding it all the way down for the Ladies!
 Kenny "BabyFace" Edmonds was next to hit the stage and honestly he gave one of the best performances I've ever had the chance to witness from any artist. He was Entertaining, Sounded Amazing, and at 58 years of age Sexy as Hell!

 Two things will forever be embedded in my brain of the BabyFace performance. One was when he took us on an unbelievable  medley of some of the songs he had the pleasure of writing for other artist which took me to the place of I thought I knew but really had no idea surpriseness! The second moment was when Usher jumped on stage and began singing a duet with him, Amazeballs! I just hate the fact that I was unable to capture the moment. That's hard to do when you're in and out of consciousness, Ha! Great Job BabyFace!
Just when it was hard to fathom the thought of things being better than the BabyFace Performance, the man of the night, Mr. Usher Raymond took the stage! I'm still getting butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it and I hope what you read next does his performance justice!

He wore a mostly black ensemble that complimented his sexy physique.  He bat his lashes and flashed his dimples making the crowd weak! He then took us on a journey of a career that has managed to stay strong for more than 20 years! My favorite moments were hearing him sing "Confessions", "Let it Burn", and of course when he teased us all singing the intro to Chris Brown's remix of "Sex You Back to Sleep"!!!

 When we were under the impression things couldn't get any better, Usher  strategically touched  his body, gently caressing his private parts and the crowd went wild. Extra police were forced to come out because after that move the women and maybe some men too bomb rushed and broke the barricade leading to the stage! Yep you heard me right, your Mom's, Aunties, and Grandma's were trying to get at Usher like never before! Not sure if it was because we're all aware that Usher loves his older women or not but in all my years of Life I've never seen anything like it! Jazz in the Gardens History was made!

Thank you for allowing me to share my Jazz in the Gardens Day 2 recap with you. For a Mom, Wife, and Hometown Blogger this experience was far beyond anything I could have imagined! I had such a great time I think it's only fair that I take my talents to the New Orleans Essence Festival and give you more, fingers crossed!
What's your favorite Music Festival Experience and why? Are you looking forward to attending Jazz in the Gardens 2017? You certainly should!
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