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Clean and Comfy with Scrubbing Bubbles®,

FABulites, When you're a busy Mom, Wife, and Blogger on the go the last thing you want to have to deal with is a dirty bathroom. Much like you I'm sure I can think of a million and one other things I'd like to be doing. That's exactly why when life's little messes call, I depend on the Power of  Scrubbing Bubbles®, and why you should too!

Recently I took on the task of attending my City's annual Music Conference and somehow some way I forgot about just how much work and time go into covering those types of events. It was only a 2 day event but I swear the two days  were so strenuous that it felt like 4! I missed my sons basketball tournament, ate out horrible foods the entire weekend and missed out on the cleaning of both my bathrooms! As you can imagine, after the conference was finished I was not a happy camper!
Monday morning I woke up and thought about all the reasons I became a blogger and decided to instead of sulking in my misery, reflect  on what I love most about what it is I do. That time made me realize just how lucky I was and gave me the courage and willpower to take on those chores and responsibilities that had been previously neglected. I started with the bathroom of course and it was Scrubbing Bubbles® to the rescue.
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Scrubbing Bubbles® is a trusted partner when it comes to keeping the bathroom clean, and the Scrubbing Bubbles® product line will give you that complete clean after every use.
  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria*
  • Cleans and disinfects almost all your bathroom surfaces
  • Kills odor-causing bacteria
  • Expands into hard-to-reach places
  • Formulated for cleaning soap scum, hard water stains, dirt and more
  • Deodorizes your bathroom and leave behind a pleasant scent
I first headed out to my nearest Walmart and picked up a can of Scrubbing Bubbles®,  to help me tackle the bathroom.  Scrubbing Bubbles®, was easily found in the Home Cleaning section at Walmart and has been my cleaning product of choice for many years when it comes to tackling the dirt and grime associated with most bathrooms!
Once I returned home I eager to tackle my bathrooms and turn them back into the once Zen and Peaceful oasis they use to be! I mean as a woman we all know there's a certain level of peace and serenity that comes with a clean bathroom and when that feeling is off everything else is normally off as well!
It was amazing how once the Scrubbing Bubbles® began working everything else suddenly fell into place! I simply sprayed the Scrubbing Bubbles® in the area I was cleaning and watched them immediately go to work!  I could once again see my reflection in the bathroom sink, the tub and shower area were once again sparkling, and the scent of cleanliness was everywhere. It was amazing how once the mess was gone I had all the motivation I needed to be a Mom, Wife, and Blogger another day! Funny how something as simple as using Scrubbing Bubbles® to clean your bathroom can actually help you put your life in perspective. Have you ever experienced that?
Thanks for allowing me to share with you why I choose Scrubbing Bubbles® and why I think you should too. Can a busy Mom, Wife, and Blogger Have it all, I don't have the answer to that  but what I do know is that She can have a clean and tidy bathroom!
Are you a fan of Scrubbing Bubbles®? If you take nothing else away from this post I hope it's the willingness to give Scrubbing Bubbles® a try. I mean does this look like the face of someone who's not satisfied with her cleaning products? Certainly does not!  Scrubbing Bubbles® to the Rescue, Goodbye!

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