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Dearly Beloved! Prince Rogers Nelson 1958-2016


All I wanted was to be surrounded by the people who loved Prince Rogers Nelson as much as I did when I found out about his death and was dealing with the grieving process but what I got instead was just plain old fucked up!
I was sitting at my desk scrolling thru pics on Instagram when I came across a post talking about the influence Prince had on this girls life and at the conclusion of her statement there it was in the boldest of letters #RIP!! I was immediately taken back and then without a doubt I immediately convinced myself this girl must be mistaken. I scrolled down further to see if anyone else was talking about this and I found nothing so I began to breathe a little easier. Just  as I began thinking the coast was clear I began to notice it showing up on more postings so I then decided to take my inquiries to Twitter. I was pleased to see it wasn't a tending topic on Twitter and in my social media mind if it wasn't trending on Twitter it simply wasn't happening, oh how I wish this statement was true! After a while more and more people began asking and talking about it and I  knew I had to face the reality that Prince, one of my most favorite artists of all time was no longer!
At that moment all I wanted to do was surround myself with people who loved him as much as I did but instead I found myself sitting alone in my office wanting to drown myself in purple tears! As time went on things went from bad to worst as my coworkers returned to the office! Why does this always happen to me I thought to myself . Why wasn't I able to find out this news at a different time or different place? Like I imagined if this news broke while I was on the road there would be a sea of horns honking out all at the same time to show respect for the dearly departed, or if I was at a concert, the person performing would immediately change their set and dedicate their performance to the best of Prince songs, or  If I was in the mall when the news broke there'd be at least 2 women and maybe a male all whom straight out fainted from the shock of the news and were all being fanned back to life. In all instances there would be tons of crying, singing, praying, and respect being paid. None of that happened! You won't believe what really happened!
My coworkers returned and there was still quiet In my office. I out of nowhere asked, Did you guys hear about Prince and one of my coworkers responded, Yeah he ate the dust! OMG how rude, Why me Baby Jesus!! I wanted to stand up and shake the hell out of him and ask him over and over if he had any idea what that man meant to me!!! He was my childhood and now he was gone and without even knowing it so was a bit of that childhood. Did my coworker know my mom took me to see 2 movies when I was a kid that I'll never forget, one was Gremlins and the other one was Purple Rain and I swear I've loved him ever since! Did my coworker know how I so badly wanted to dropkick him at that moment and declare I did it all in the sweet name of Prince!
Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse they progressively did! I decide to try to eat away some of my sorrow so I headed out to Boston Market. I wanted to get the food to go because I refused to be away from my computer while everything was going on. There I was sitting at my desk when another of my coworkers entered the room. He looked a little down so I asked did you hear about Prince. He responded Yes, and for the first time since hearing the news I thought I'd found someone who could relate to what  I was feeling. I told him we needed a Prince support group and that those of us who wanted to pay tribute to Prince should all meet up. My coworker then stated Yes, I think that's a great idea and exactly what we should do. I put the top on my Boston Market and followed him out of the room. Things were finally starting to look up and I was feeling really good about paying tribute and discussing all things Prince. When I reached the hallway I noticed nearly all of my coworkers gathered in this one particular room. I was so happy to see everyone gathered together at such a difficult time for all I barely knew what to do. Soon as I entered the room another of my coworkers jumped out and everyone yelled Happy Birthday!!!! WTF!!!!! Here I am grieving the loss of one of the Worlds Greatest Entertainers and these fuckers were celebrating my birthday which passed 2 weeks ago!! Just when I thought there was no way things could get any stranger out of nowhere the desk 2 of my coworkers were sitting on collapsed and another 2 of them got into a strangely entertaining cake fight making things that much more awkward! Weirdest birthday celebration ever but I did manage to chuckle a little when I convinced myself it was Prince himself that broke the table and started the cake fight! What the hell did I do in my past life that required my grieving process to be this messed up? Who did I hurt? What damage did I cause? Prince Rogers Nelson you will be missed but through your music and greatness will forever live on and as for my grieving process I guess it's best I do it alone!

How do you grieve  the loss of one of your favorite entertainers? What words of wisdom can you
Share with a grieving public? Where were you and exactly what were you doing when you found out about Prince? RIP my friend!

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