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What To Expect and Not Expect When Weekend Road Trippin!!

I love that my son plays on a traveling basketball league. I enjoy the fact that we all get to visit different destinations, we get to spend quality family time together, and we get to have a little family adventure,  but for the life of me why is it that my weekend road trips always seem to turn out so horribly and never ever the way I expect? A couple weeks ago we decided to take a weekend trip to Atlanta Georgia and trust me when I tell you I won't be making that trip again! So that hopefully you won't experience what I did or at least you'll be better prepared for the unexpected I'm sharing my Top 5 Things to Expect and Not Expect when Family Road Trippin! Let's Begin!

  1. Don't expect for all to go smoothly at the car rental place--- So I made the rental reservation about a week in advance and yet once I reached the rental spot my reservation was all screwed up! I ended up being there for about a good 2 hours, paid more for the car than was stated on my reservation, was being helped by a Customer Service Rep who clearly had Zero Damns to give, plus ended up leaving with a car with no alarm plus wind down windows!
  2. Don't ever plan on staying up and driving all night after coming off a full shift at work---I have no idea who the hell I thought my Hubby and I were but we both must have been out of our minds when we made the decision to do this! Trust me when I tell you it was one of the longest nights of my life and I can't recall ever being that sleepy before!
  3. Don't expect to easily find any available gas stations open and at your convenience during the overnight hours--- Trust me when I tell you my life flashed before my eyes when we pulled off onto a total dirt road in search of gas only to find out we'd just pulled into a semi ghost town! Thank goodness we were able to hold on a little while longer and lucked up on a gas station after stopping about 5x's to no avail!
  4. Expect to argue with your spouse about his driving and everything else for most of the trip---I don't know what it is about road trips that somehow seem to bring out the worst in couples but be prepared for any and everything your significant other does to just irritate the hell out of you! I'm not sure if it's the long hours in the car, the confined space, or what but just take it from me and be prepared!
  5. Don't plan on socializing, eating good, or taking any good pictures--- Its so nice in your head when you think about a family road trip but in the end they turn out nothing like you expected. Before the trip you picture yourself having a great time socializing with friends and family, eating bomb ass food, and taking a million pics to document your trip. What you actually get is not enough sleep, Waffle House more than you expected and not one damn good pic to save your life! Ugh!
Have you had a weekend road trip not go exactly as planned? How did you go about handling the unexpected?

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