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Shopping Types-Which One Are You?

Happy Thursday Luvs! I have come to learn from my many many years of experience that at any given time in our lives we can all be classified as one of the below types of shoppers. Today I'd like to take the time and discuss which one relates most to you? Let's Begin!

 Classifications of Shoppers

Thrifty Shopper- This is the  person that thrives at the thought of there being a sale or some sort of special discount at checkout. It really doesn't matter what the items are that on sale, a thirst is quenched just by making the highly discounted purchase. A sign that you may be a thrifty shopper is when you purchase 10 different color T shirts because they were on sale for 4.99 each, or you have multiple items in your closet that you know you will never wear but simply bought them because of the sale price. The thrifty shopper will sometimes even buy items that are slightly damaged just because of the extra discount they may receive. The thrifty shopper can sometimes find herself in dangerous situations and always needs to make sure she is in full control of the shopping situation. Once the thrifty shopper goes bad, there is not turning back! Have you heard of  Hoarders?

Name Brand Whore- This is the person who thrives off making name brand purchases even though most times they can't afford them. This is the person who will avoid getting the black dress they can actually afford for the Betsy Johnson designer dress although the more affordable of the black dresses is cuter. You will never see this person out without some sort of name brand item and all to often all name brand items. A sign that you just might be a name brand whore is if you go through your closet and you have very few items but they are all name brand and you are satisfied with what you see then you fall into this category. Nine times out of 10 the Name Brand shopper is simply trying to over compensate form some area of her life that's lacking but until she is able to discover what that is it will be LouBou's all day!

Impulse Shopper- This happens to be my favorite type of shopper and definitely what I mostly consider myself. This is the type of shopper who shops often and makes a purchase based on her likes and dislikes. She is a combination of the thrifty shopper and the name brand whore. When she shops and finds an item that she likes and looks good on her she makes the purchase. Whether the item is on sale or a name brand means absolutely nothing to this shopper. If you go through your closet and find that you have a mixture of everyday chic items mixed with some designer names you fall into this category. The impulse shopper simply buys based on her likes and dislike and is often that person that everyone likes to shop with. She is a joy to be around and thinks of shopping as a art form and is secretly waiting for the rest of the world to discover this as well!

Now that you know my classifications tell me what type of shopper are you.

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