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Throwback Thursday--My Fashion BucketList!

As I approach my third year Blogaversary I am so thankful for the opportunities blogging has allowed me. I now know what It feels like to truly luv what you do and have decided on focusing on ways to make fashion blogging my full time career(Yay)! Although I have accomplished lots over the past 3 years there are so many many more things that I want to do. So today I thought would be the perfect opportunity to share with you some of the items on my Fashion Bucketlist...let's get started!

Fashion Bucketlist

1. I want to attend New York Fashion Week, Attending only the most glamourous shows while wearing only the finest of designers ....

2. I want to make a list- Fashion Bloggers Under 40, Best Fashion Bloggers, Blogger on the Rise, at this point I'm not picky about which list I want it to be, just List me!

3. I want to wear one of Beyonce's sparkly show numbers...Haven't yet decided where I will wear it or what I will do with it on, I just know I want to wear one!

4. I want to pose in a fab swimsuit on my blog showing everyday  women that we too can rock swimsuits in pure hips, thigh, and ass glory!! (If any other bloggers are interested please let me know)

5. I want to shop and play dress up with Solange......I imagine her closet to be this really wonderful , magical place filled with color and sparkles!

6. I want to have one of my blog post appear on Shape Magazine where I discuss how choosing the right workout gear has the ability to motivate you to stay in shape.

7. I want to host my very own fashion event from start to finish with the designers of my choice and sponsors who agree to my every command. Something Grown and Sexy like a PDiddy party.

8. I want to attend the Grammy's wearing ThEE Last dress and blogging about the fashions on the red carpet

9. I want to star in my very own webisode of the Fashion Police- Watch out Joan

10. I want to provide fashion makeovers for women who have forgotten the beauty of  being a strong, confident, dressed to kill woman,  Such as Once homeless, or once in abusive relationships, or even moms who have forgotten what its like to pamper themselves.

11. I want to renew my vows but this time around I want to wear the big bright red sexy dress I should have gotten married in the first time around!-Judge me not!

Please feel free to leave comments on what you think of my Fashion Bucketlist as well as what items are on your list....Thanks and I hope you enjoyed! -

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