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Free to Be Me and My Must Have Top 15 One Piece Swim Suits!

Happy Hump Day Fabulites! This week is going by so fast not to mention today is the First day of June. Excuse me if I'm still a bit wrapped up in my wonderful Memorial Day adventures. While my holiday was filled with Good Food, Fab Drinks and amazing quality time being spent with my family, The one thing I regret not doing is Rocking a variety of SwimSuits! Allow me to explain!

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Not sure exactly when and if it ever happened but for as long as I could remember I have never been one to be totally free at the beach in my swimsuit. I don't necessarily think it's a body issue thing because I adore my body but for some reason I don't think I have ever visited my local beach just wearing my swimsuit and nothing else. For the longest time I wondered if it was something that was unknowingly taught in black households because not only was I not comfortable wearing just my swim suit, I would also not see too many others who looked like me wearing theirs either. I'm proudly here today to say the buck stops here! No longer will I cover up, No longer will I not be free, and No longer will I hold back from having that Celebrated FREEDOM moment at the beach and I've featured my Top 15 Must Have One Piece Swimsuits to help me do just That! Join me!

Which of my Top 15 Must Have Swimsuits is topping your Must Have List? Are you free as a bird or a little skeptical when it comes to rocking your swimsuit at the beach?

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