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Fab Luvin Fit of the Day!

Fabulites, Believe it or not I wasn't always the most comfortable one with my body but with age comes maturity. I can remember a time when all I wanted to do was cover it up, even though I always felt it was beautiful. Fast forward a couple years and I can barely keep my clothes on! It may not be be the best one around but at this stage in life I adore every single nook and cranny and you should too. With that being said lets' go ahead and jump into my Fab Luvin Fit of the Day!
I've been hearing all week how everyone is super ready for Fall, Unfortunately when you're a South Florida Girl, there is no Fall!. These dramatic temperatures will go way into the month of December for us so you might as well get used to seeing me in a sleeveless dress and sandals for  the remainder of the year and possibly then some! Don't cry for me Argentina!
Back to what I was originally speaking on. I absolutely love everything about this Belle +Sky Sleeveless Dress The color is amazing, length is appropriate,  the $8 price was amazing and I feel like such a put together lady when I'm wearing it! What could be better than that?
There was a time a couple years ago when I would have been afraid to wear this dress anywhere except for a night out with the Hubby or the Girls but trust me that mindset is now years behind me! You see sometimes when you have a curvy frame it can often be looked at as being overly sexualized wearing a body hugging dress. Is it appropriate to show off my curves when I'm out with the kids, at work, when I was trying to be professional I would think to myself but now that's all behind me!
Fast forward a couple years and today I'm rocking this dress to the office itself! Yes I have curves, Yes I'm a Mom, Yes I'm Professional, and Yes I'm Confident in this dress! Matter of fact I'm honestly considering heading back to JCPenney and picking up the other colors just like it! I will no longer attempt to hide my curves or be ashamed of them. I work hard as hell to have the ones I do and I'm going to Rock em from the Mountain Top for as long as I can and I hope you will join me in doing the same!

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my Fab Luvin Fit of the Day and as always Rock your Curves and whatever you're  Rockin Today?


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