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My First Time- 5 Elements Spa & Longevity Center!

FABulites, I absolutely love the summer months but let's face it, they can be downright brutal. This Summer alone I've had to deal with my normal 1 hour commute turning into a 3 hour commute to and from work, I've somehow managed to gain an extra 7lbs and you best believe my Teen, Toddler, and Young Adult definitely have me experiencing the Joys and Pains of motherhood, but when the going gets tough, you hit up The 5 Elements Spa & Longevity Center for a little healing!
I was super excited to  make my way to Wilton Manors in Ft. Lauderdale Florida Saturday afternoon to put in some much needed quality time at the Five Elements Spa and Longevity Center. Upon arrival the sign on the door read, "This is no ordinary Spa", and they  meant it!

 The 5 Elements Spa & Longevity Center is not only drop dead gorgeous, but it also provides an totally unique approach to beauty and longevity to both mean and women. At first I didn't really know what to expect but in a matter of minutes I knew I was in good hands.
They are the only spa in South Florida to offer traditional spa services, Med Spa services administered by an On-Site medical director, transcendental meditation classes, nutrition coaching, life coaching, and global traditions and ancient wellness techniques for the mind, body, and soul.
Spa amenities include steam room, sauna, locker rooms, showers, serenity lounge and more. Best of all if you join the membership program you also receive a variety of special services including facials, massages, and special member pricing for upgrading to additional services. With  the reasonable $75 Per month Plus $50 initial membership you have unlimited use of the Sauna , steam room and more and can use these services at your convenience. Trust me when I tell you this is a membership you don't want to miss out on!

 One of the things I enjoyed most was getting my tour of the establishment. It was so pretty and serene and I found myself in a super relaxed state from the moment I walked in. Without a doubt I knew I was in for some Fabness!

The second thing I did after the tour was head to the locker room, put on my super comfy robe and prepare for my Detox Herbal Swedish Massage. After I was dressed I headed to the lounge and waited for my masseuse to direct me to  my room.  This is also where the spa hosts free life Enrichment Seminars as well.  How cool is this lounge?

I was stunned by the beautiful vibe of this place. No matter where you looked or turned there was some unique feature that caught your eye and reminded you of the beauty of peace, relaxation, and renewal. I'm the person who also keep her phone glued to her hand at all times but for the first time in forever my phone was a distant memory!

 This is one of the rooms where energy work and chakra balancing is performed adding years to your life and life to your years in the wise words of The 5 Element Spa and Longevity Center.
This is me at and my masseuse Claudio at the conclusion of my massage. Trust me when I tell you it doesn't get any better than this! This was by far the Best and most Relaxing and Enjoyable experience I've ever had at the Spa and or sure I owe that all to the 5 Elements Spa and Longevity Center. I enjoyed so much that I have decided to do myself a favor and become a member and head there at least once a month for what  I like to call a Mom Escape!
Thanks for allowing me to share with you my reenergizing experience at The 5 Elements Spa and Longevity center. If you're interested in stopping in for a tour or trying out one of their many treatments you can now Save $25 Off any Spa Treatment on your first time visit. Please call 954-533-2604 for an appointment or email
Have You experienced the  Elements Spa & Longevity Center? What was your experience like?
For additional information please visit
*While treatment was received free of charge the opinions expressed above are mine*

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