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Tuesday's Fab Finds!

Happy Tuesday Loves. I'm really looking forward to sharing my Fab  Find of the week with you but before I do I just wanted to give my two cents on the whole Gabby Douglas situation. I'm not going to go into too many details but I feel really bad that the public hurt her feeling with all the criticizing they did of her at the2016 Rio Olympics. The part I was most bothered by was the criticizing of her hair or edges. In a way it was like her2012 Olympic debut all over again but this time with even worst criticism. What I want the world to understand is that we are in the midst of a really beautiful movement. One where we as black women are more accepting and encouraging of each other more than we've ever been in the past. Part of this movement includes the natural hair movement but remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. I really think the criticizing and focus on Gabby's edges is just another way for those of us  who cannot admit that something's missing in our own lives to take a jab at Gabby. She is not her edges and neither am I! Gabby my friend Be Great and Continue on, Sisters, Criticizers, Edge Police, Do better!
Now that I got that off my chest, Let's get into my Fab Find of the Day! FABulites, if there is a deal to be found trust and believe I am here for it and I will find it!

Picked this little cutie up at H&M over the weekend and instantly in my eyes we were a match made in heaven. I immediately knew this dress would be perfect for those hectic mornings when I'm running short on time and wanted to throw on something cute with little fuss. She proved to be just that!
This beauty came complete with the cutest little red and navy palm leaf prints all over and I think one of my favorite things about it besides the fab $15 price was the really cute neck line and cinched waist. you know us Girls love a cinched waist, or a cinched anything for that matter!

This dress is also work appropriate and can be easily dressed up or down with the right accessories and it's also pretty forgiving and will fit great on many different body types.

I wasn't sure what shoes I wanted to pair her with until I walked into Burlingtons and found these super cute neutral tone wedges at an amazing $11.99 and immediately I began to hear, "Thinking of a Master Plan' in my head! Cute right?

Thank for allowing me to share with you my Tuesday Fab Finds. What Fab Finds have you picked up lately?

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