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Boyfriends Floral and Lace!

Hey yall Hey! It's Wednesday and I'm back with another Fab Fit of the Day, This time I brought my Boyfriends, Favorite Florals and Lace with me! Let's get started!

Boyfriend Jeans with Floral and Lace

Let's face it Ladies! Some days you just want to jump out of bed, throw on your Favorite Boyfriends, a Cute Top, Fab Shoes, a Pink Pout and hit the Ground Running, Today was definitely one of those days!
Boyfriend Jeans

I picked up this really cute lace top  from H&M a couple weeks ago and wasn't exactly sure what I was going to pair it with until it jumped out at me this morning.

Floral Heels

You ever go crazy over a pair of shoes and then when you get your hands on them you never get around to wearing them? These are the perfect example of that syndrome. Just sitting pretty in my closet waiting patiently to be worn and today was the day.

Lace Top

Short, Sweet, and to the point, that's all I got for you today folks! Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my Boyfriend Floral and Lace Fit of the Day with you. If you like my fashion and beauty fab finds make sure to check me out on You Tube where I share those once weekly. Thanks again and before you leave, What are you Rockin for your Hump Day Fit of the Day?

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