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Things to Think about Before Heading to a Disney Park!

It's always good to GetAway, and  when you add in enjoying a little family time with your kids it  gets even better, but have you ever looked so forward to a family getaway then realized you weren't nearly as prepared as you thought you were or should have been? If so then you can definitely relate to this post, Let's Get Started!

I was so excited about being able to spend the weekend away with my family in Orlando that I, the mother of all planners failed miserably at planning accordingly. We had the four park 1day park hopper pass and can you believe I allowed myself to believe that we , 2 adults a Teen and a Toddler could actually take on all four parks? Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids! I'm not saying that it can't be done but I'd definitely be interested in seeing the family that's able to pull off that fete!

I failed to realize that just because my Toddler enjoys seeing certain characters on TV does not mean that he won't freak all the way out when they appear up close and personal in his face! This picture was taken just moments before the bug attempted to have a friendly conversation with him and he leaped on my head screaming at the top of his lungs and holding on to my hair for dear life! It was so embarrassing because my hubby had to help me get him off and I know for sure there were laughs and illegal pictures taken!

Disneys Animal Kingdom

I clearly was not thinking properly when we got to Animal Kingdom and decided it would be in our best interest to go directly to see the Festival of Lions performance. My toddler is probably the biggest Lion King/Lion Guard fan there is and it brought me so much joy seeing his little face light up during the show but the tantrum that followed once the show was over was another story! He did not want to leave by any means and pretty much demanded Simba come back out for a repeat performance! If I would have been thinking I would have saved this performance for the end of our visit and not the beginning. Timing is everything!

Huge tree at Disney World

I was not prepared for the beauty of the 2 parks we visited. I feel like you should probably take a day alone just to walk around and see all the scenery. I enjoyed being able to take in what I did but I'm pretty sure there was tons of nature that was missed.

I should have had a better plan for seeing the animals at Animal Kingdom. Because I failed at planning things out I hate to say we barely saw any! No Lions, Tigers or Bears this go round!

I definitely was not prepared for how HOT it would be! I'm a Florida girl born and raised so I know a little something about HEAT but this was something all together different. I swear there wasn't a body of water around that I didn't feel like diving in! The Heat was Torturous! For the first time in forever I actually felt like I was melting! Did I mention I arrived at the park in my cute little off the shoulder jumper and sandals?  Anyone in their right state of mind should have known to wear sneakers, a dry fit shirt and comfy shorts. Lesson learned!

I should have been better at mapping out what Theatrical shows we wanted to see and which ones were of no interest to us. I'm pretty sure we missed out on some of the better ones. Maybe not better but catered more to our liking! When I finally had the chance to review what was actually available for us to see I knew immediately I screwed up! Can you believe we even missed the parade? Who does that?

While most times I greatly enjoy living in the moment this was one time I wish I would have taken more pictures and captured my families memories. After all was said and done I came home with tons of pictures from the park and only one family photo that was too dark to even make out. Next time I'll know better!

Disney Ferry Boat

Disney is huge and there's a lot to see so next time I'll make sure to pay careful attention to the different modes of transportation at each park. I was so thankful for the Ferry Boat and Train but afterwards I had to question if we used either to the best of our ability. At one point we sat on the train and came to the same stops 3 different times....All Aboard!!

Disney Water Ride

Last but not least I'd make sure that we reserved our times for the FastPass before we even arrived at the park. I love the fact that Disney makes it fair and provides all their guest with speed passes but what I failed to realize was that you had to reserve your time on each ride in order to use it! The lines were so long it made it very difficult to get on too many. You also have the option of downloading the My Disney Experience app on your mobile and being able to  reserve rides and make changes on the go. You live and you learn right!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my Things I wish I would have considered before my weekend getaway to Disney World. While my family and I enjoyed the most magical experience I hope reading my list will help you and your family better enjoy your time spent there and create lasting memories.

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What's one thing you'll do differently on your next visit to Disney World?

*while one day park hopper tickets were provided the opinions expressed above are all my own*

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