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The GetAway!

Last week was a tough week for me and although it was only a 4 day work week there was just something a little unpleasant about it. My 3-4 hour commute to work was frustrating, my toddler refusing his bed time was frustrating, my not achieving the work out results I expected was frustrating, and me just not being on my A game was Super Frustrating! What does a girl do when life gets a little hectic? She calls up a couple of her friends and hits the road for a little Family Fun and GetAway!

VW Denim Beetle

Blogging definitely does have its privileges! Once I was certain I wanted a Weekend Getaway I called up my friends at Volkswagen  and asked them to send me over the cutest thing they had available. I wanted to hit the wide open roads in style. When I plan a road trip, I plan a road trip complete with all the Mom approved Kicks and Giggle available! Imagine my surprise when I heard a knock at the door and saw  this little beauty, the 2016 VW Denim Convertible sitting Chic and Pretty!

VW Denim Beetle Interior

I absolutely adore everything about this Denim Beetle. While some might say it's not practical enough for most Moms, It gave me a much needed sense of adventure and the look on my kids faces was more than enough for me! My immediate thought was trying to figure out what outfit I would wear to match the beautiful denim interior!

The Beetle Convertible Denim has a special Stonewashed Blue exterior color, Denim Blue convertible top and heritage wheel design that makes a true classic timeless. It's powerful turbocharged engine makes it more practical than other high style small cars.

Why I love the VW Denim Beetle Convertible

Don't we look great together, Fab and the VW Denim Beetle! MomLife! While I've dove to Orlando a million times before this was my very first time doing it in such style! The road felt amazing and for the first time ever I enjoyed every bit of the ride. I know it might sound a little crazy but for real for real, that steering wheel felt like silk in my hands! Fab indeed!
VW Denim Beetle Convertible

Once I had the car of my dreams the only thing left to do was to figure out where I wanted to go. That's when my second call came into place and I phoned my friends at Fountains at ChampionsGate in Orlando and let them know we were on our way!

Fountains at Championsgate Orlando

The Fountains at ChampionsGate is a luxury rental community in Orlando that houses three and four bedroom villas and is the most perfect place to stay for a weekend getaway!

Fountains at Championsgate Villa

Each unit comes complete with a fully appointed kitchen, upscale furnishings, and the most fabulous of living areas. The most perfect of weekend escapades!

Inside Fountains at Championsgate Villas

We arrived at the unit around 11pm on Friday night and from the moment we opened the door I was head over heels in love. I was in total awe of all the space and the beautiful decorations and lighting. Don't get me started on the marble kitchen with stainless steel appliances! Dreamland for sure!

I loved the fact that BabyFab was able to run around so freely  in the over 1900 square feet of space. He most certainly enjoyed the multitude of TV's in every room while his big brother was in awe of the Blu-ray/DVD player and Playstation®3 console  plus unlimited DVD and game rentals*. Can someone say Win Win!

My visit to Fountains at Championsgate

You already know I had to take the opportunity to do a cute little photoshoot. My beautiful surroundings proved to be the most perfect of backgrounds! The lighting throughout the villa was pure perfection!

Fountains at Championsgate Pool

When we weren't enjoying the indoor features of the resort we headed to the pool area and did what we do best, created lasting family memories.

FABulites, We all have to get away sometimes, and Thanks so much for allowing me to share with all of you how I prefer to do it in style! Make sure to check me out on Instagram where I'm sharing lots more of what the fam and I got into this weekend and beyond.  If you plan on visiting Orlando anytime this fall make sure you check out the Fountains at ChampionsGate Fall Special here allowing you to save up to 30% Off the Best Available Rates! Trust me when I tell you your family will love you for it! For additional information on the 2016 VW Denim Beetle please click here

*While both the VW Denim Beetle and 3 Night sty at Fountains at Championsgate were provided free of charge the opinions expressed above are all my own.*

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